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Vegetables and fruits

Postuar me: Merkure, 01 Qershor, 2022  18:14
Skadon me: Premte, 09 Shtator, 2022  18:14
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Currently, CJSC "Fardad Tejarat Behrad" carries out direct deliveries of fruits and vegetables from Iran. The company is the official representative of several Iranian manufacturers in Moscow.
Our own transport company allows us to reduce transportation costs, which ultimately makes it possible to make a very attractive offer to our customers.
Having our own packing shop in the border city of Astara in Iran allows us to pack the goods in accordance with the wishes of the client: from the most budget option to the premium class.
Our guarantees:
• uninterrupted wholesale supply;
• a wide range of;
• quality packaging;
• low price;
• high (export) quality of goods;
• professionalism of employees.
• deferment of payment;
Only with us it is possible:
• bypassing sanctions through Iran;
• official money transactions through Iran;
• supply of spare parts for various factories, productions and manufacturers.
You can receive a photo and price of products by mail by sending us a request in a free form.
Phone: +98 (912)926-23-29 (whats app)
+98 (915)400-25-33 (whats app)
Email: fardadtb.com@gmail.com
Site: www.fardadtb.com

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