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Professional level English-Speaking Back Office Assistant (Tirane)

Postuar me: Premte, 10 Maj, 2019  10:38
Skadon me: Djele, 18 Gusht, 2019  10:38
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Company Description
EUMirror is an international group, based in the United Kingdom, with offices and plants in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey and Russia as well.
EUMirror Group specializes in the production and distribution of acrylic mirrors in global markets. You can find additional information on www.eumirror.com

Job Description
EUMirror Shpk, based in Tirana, is looking to hire back-office assistants responsible for processing activities requested by the Front Office (Sales Managers) and administrative staff.
English is the official language in EUMirror and so the candidates must have excellent knowledge of it. Another language will be considered as an advantage.

Job Duties
The back-office assistants will be responsible for assisting and coordinating activities with the sales team and administration.
The main duties will be:

- keeping the specific software updated with daily business activities,
- issuing and verifying documents for the sales activities,
- managing the activities related to the offers to the customers and the customers’ orders,
- collecting, verifying, managing and distributing documentation.

- bachelor's degree in engineering, mathematics, informatics or a similar field.
- efficiency in the work process;
- multitasking skills;
- strong organizational, informatics, calculation skills;
- teamwork and autonomy skills;
- speed and excellent organization in performing repetitive activities;
- ability to work under supervision and under pressure;
- excellent attention to detail and analytic skills;
- ability to communicate expectations and company interests clearly;
- ability to handle confidential information with discretion;
- ability to handle orders, to give estimates and offers;
- proficiency in Microsoft Office tools (Word, Outlook, Excel) and mobile devices.

Please send us your CV and presentation letter in English language to selection2019@eumirror.com

- Has to be able to travel.

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