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rooms for rent (vlore (Ionian seaside))

Postuar me: Merkure, 31 Korrik, 2013  14:48
Permiresuar me: Shtune, 02 Nentor, 2013  10:58
Skadon me: Premte, 08 Nentor, 2013  13:48
Pergjigju te: Ky njoftim ka skaduar.
Cmimi: 15 €
Rooms and studios for rent.the rooms are well furnished and they consist of:a bedroom+kitchen+bathroom+balcony.there is also the elevator(lift) and parking space.the rooms are just 5 min from the sea, and 10 min from the city center.Ideal for day and night life.price= 15 euros/ night
mobile: 00355 / 692290314

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