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Junior Production Planner (Tirane)

Postuar me: Premte, 10 Maj, 2019  10:42
Skadon me: Djele, 18 Gusht, 2019  10:42
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Company Description
EUMirror Shpk is an Albanian company in Tirana, part of the London based EUMirror Group.
EUMirror Group specializes in the production and distribution of acrylic mirrors in global markets.
EUMirror Shpk can provide its employees with good job conditions.
Teleworking is an option for highly skilled candidates living in AL but far from Tirana.
We employ people with an exceptional level of energy, strong motivation, high personal values and who are highly qualified professionals.

The company is urgently looking for a “Junior Production Planner”.
It is a rewarding full-time position.

Job Description
Junior Production Planner: will work with our informatics systems to plan the supply and the production in our production plants. Depending on the market demands and on the stock strategy, the referent will optimize and control all the production steps remotely.

The candidate must have:
- fluent English,
- considerable experience with Microsoft Excel (version higher than Office 2010) and/or Calc (OpenOffice),
- higher scientific education (in engineering, ideally - informatics).

No prior working experience needed.

Please send us your CV and presentation letter in English language at selections2019@eumirror.com

- Has to have a driving license.
- Has to be able to travel.

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